Listen to my Music

I invite you to listen to some of my music by watching a few selected short videos of me performing with some friends and colleagues.


Galloping Horses 战马奔腾(2018)
Qin Qian & Friends “Mountain Stream” Composer: Qin Qian 二胡与大提琴、钢琴的《山谷小溪》作曲:覃茜(2017)
Qin Qian & Friends “Mountain Stream” Composer: Qin Qian 二胡与大提琴、小提琴、钢琴的《山谷小溪》(2018)
Qin Qian Friends 覃茜和朋友们的“二胡独奏音乐会”New Horse Racing新赛马(2016)
Qin Qian—Horse Racing (Kimmel Center of Philadelphia)(2012)
永恒的爱-Love Going On and On(2010)
The Birds Sing On The Mountain 空山鸟语(2015)
Qin Qian & Friends “Mountain Stream”/ “A Romantic Musical Journey”Composer: Qin Qian《山谷小溪》/《琴缘》(2017)
Lullaby  (Chinese Folk Song) 摇篮曲         中国东北民歌(2019)

Qin Qian & Friends 覃茜和朋友们的“二胡独奏音乐会” The River of Sorrow( Huang Haihuai 1935–1967江河水)(2016)
An episode of Qin Qian and the orchestra in rehearsal 覃茜与管弦乐队在排练中的一个片断(2018)
Qin Qian plays with her parents :The Birds Sing On The Mountain 覃茜与父母一起演奏《空山鸟语》(2014)